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At Gaia EnviroTech we provide end-to-end solutions for the processing and treatment of organic waste.  Learn more below about how our solutions can benefit your organistation

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Our products

Anaerobic Biodigester

Anaerobic digestion is a series of processes in which microorganisms breakdown biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. The Gaia EnviroTech biodigester allows these processes to operate in their optimum conditions, unlike other digesters where they can be compromised by the need to coexist in a single chamber.

Modular in design, the Gaia EnviroTech anaerobic biodigester is both highly configurable and efficient. The multistage system allows each step of the digestion process to be optimised for greater biogas production, and thereby energy generation, from a particular feed material.

Rapid Composter

Automated to optimise the composting process, the Gaia EnviroTech Rapid Composter provides a versatile cost-effective, turn-key solution to transform organic wastes into an environmentally friendly product and income stream.

The system is designed with simplicity of operation in mind to allow for minimum touch time, and remote monitoring and operation.  The rapid composting system can be arranged to meet local space requirements and commissioned with minimal disruption to existing infrastructure and operations. Developed specifically for on-site applications, the system is designed with the noise and odour expectations associated with residential settings in mind.

Our services

Bio-Lab Analysis

Our fully functional bio laboratory and the bench-top multi stage anaerobic digester enables suitability analysis and performance testing of feedstock for anaerobic digestion.

Want to know if your feedstock is suitable for the Gaia EnviroTech anaerobic digester? Contact us!


Consulting, Systems & Process Design

Gaia EnviroTech’s engineering team provides a full consulting service. Furthermore, our dedicated system and process design team work closely with our clients to understand their needs, and design the perfect system based on the type and volume of feedstock, location and size of site, and potential energy and waste management requirements. Contact us to discuss you needs.


Our highly skilled fabricators work closely with our design team to ensure the systems are built on time, to specifications and are optimised for our clients.  All systems are manufactured onsite at Gaia EnviroTech HQ in regional Victoria, Ballarat. Contact us now!

Ownership & Operations

Gaia EnviroTech engineers and trades will oversee the installation for all of our organic waste solutions, and can also provide ‘build, own and operate’ options where required. Gaia EnviroTech delivers the full solution package. Contact us now and we can tailor a package for you.

Our modular approach

Modular by design, Gaia EnviroTech solutions are easily expandable to match waste volumes, financial capability, and energy production:

  • Add cells to increase waste treatment capacity
  • Client investment and returns can scale with business growth
  • Add modules for hot water, gas and electricity production
  • Low-cost delivery and fast installation
  • Small and configurable footprint for local installation
  • Maximised biogas production with multi-stage digestion process

Download the Biodigester Technology Profile

Modular in design, the Gaia EnviroTech anaerobic biodigester is both highly configurable and efficient. Download the technology profile to learn more.

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Download theComposter Technology Profile

Designed and manufactured in Ballarat, Victoria, the system is easily transportable and quick to install on site. Download the technology profile to learn more.

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Downloadthe Diary Effluent Case study

The system in this case study was installed in November 2018 as a 12-month research and development project to establish viability of an anaerobic digestion plant designed to convert dairy effluent to energy and minimise odour. 

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Download the Capability Profile

The Capability Profile contains information on:

- Business Overview

- Solutions

- Installations

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Download the Case Study: Modular AD pilot validated at a commerical cheese factory

This case study displays to results of an AD trial on both whey and permeate at a semi-commercial level in an Australian setting.

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Download the Rapid Composter Case Study: Turning FOGO waste into compost

This case study displays to results of the composters installed at Ararat Rural City Council.

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