Gaia Chair appointed as President Victorian Bioenergy Network

Aug 4, 2023 | Staff

The Victorian Bioenergy Network (VBN) recently announced the appointment of Gaia EnviroTech Chair Elizabeth Lewis-Gray as President. Elizabeth brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to environmental sustainability, circular economy, and the advancement of biogas and bioenergy technologies.

“We can do better” – Elizabeth has taken up the bioenergy challenge in Victoria noting that Australia and Victoria are well behind many other OECD countries in establishing infrastructure and producing bioenergy as a dispatchable renewable energy source.

In countries such as Sweden and Finland bioenergy produces around 25% and 30% of total energy supplies (Source: International Energy Agency) with significant growth of these sectors over the past decade and strong policy support from government.

Bioenergy is produced from converting organic material into renewable biogas, heat and liquid fuels. “The Victorian Bioenergy Network will work closely with groups such as Bioenergy Australia, the Renewable Gas Alliance and other renewable energy and industry associations seeking de-carbonisation solutions for their members. In particular bioenergy opens up terrific opportunities for regional communities and businesses offering dispatchable renewable energy and jobs through the treatment of organic waste within a localised circular economy”.

Download the Biodigester Technology Profile

Modular in design, the Gaia EnviroTech anaerobic biodigester is both highly configurable and efficient. Download the technology profile to learn more.

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Download theComposter Technology Profile

Designed and manufactured in Ballarat, Victoria, the system is easily transportable and quick to install on site. Download the technology profile to learn more.

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Downloadthe Diary Effluent Case study

The system in this case study was installed in November 2018 as a 12-month research and development project to establish viability of an anaerobic digestion plant designed to convert dairy effluent to energy and minimise odour. 

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Download the Capability Profile

The Capability Profile contains information on:

- Business Overview

- Solutions

- Installations

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Download the Case Study: Modular AD pilot validated at a commerical cheese factory

This case study displays to results of an AD trial on both whey and permeate at a semi-commercial level in an Australian setting.

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Download the Rapid Composter Case Study: Turning FOGO waste into compost

This case study displays to results of the composters installed at Ararat Rural City Council.

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